Theme from "The Exchange"

In 2007, Dreadnaught recorded the theme song for New Hampshire Public Radio's flagship morning program, "The Exchange." The music has been a staple of NH airwaves and beyond ever since, but we've never actually released the entire track. Haven't had…

Dreadnaught, She Wrote

Yearning to hear a sing-a-long worth "Perfect Strangers" played live? Salivating to experience "Night Court" whilst reading a vintage copy of Pro Wrestling Illustrated? Can't help but dream of having one hand on the Atari and the other around a…

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Who we are:
Bob Lord (bass), Rick Habib (drums), Justin Walton (guitar)

Where we are:
New Hampshire and Maine

When we started: 

What we like:
Long beach walks, argyle, odd meters, fishing, Allen's Coffee Brandy

What happened:
We played a ton of gigs and made a bunch of records and then in 2017 I think we blew a gasket or something because we released the album HARD CHARGIN', which led Relix to call us "the country’s best ‘pure’ prog-rock combo."  That was nice because most people wondered why there were three tunes on the record all named "That's The Way That You Do It."

Why we make music that sounds like this:
It made sense at the time.

What's new:
Finishing up our new album NORTHERN BURNER, stay tuned.


"Country-rock, avant-garde blues, prog-funk, experimental rock - any and all of these labels are accurate, yet each only begins to brush the surface of the band's style."
(All Music Guide)

"Imagine Phish after each member of the band downed seven Red Bulls. Or, King Crimson, but more intense. Or, Dream Theater, though with more fusion and jazz. Then, add them all together, hit turbo, and you might come close to the beauty that is Dreadnaught, but probably not."

"Five songs that blend dazzling musicianship and the band’s trademark sense of humour." 
(DPRP's Something For The Weekend)

"Dreadnaught’s seemingly endless talents and eccentricities have not only stood the test of time, but continue to grow." 
(The Sound)

"Dreadnaught come out fighting with fuzz bass, heavy guitar, and roaring rhythms. I haven't heard this kind of fury since the glory days of 'Nucleus' era Anekdoten." 
(Albums Under The Radar)

"One of the best-kept secrets of the whole U.S. progressive rock scene." 
(Dutch Progressive Rock Page)

"A gentle warning, however: this EP may not be quite so enjoyable for listeners who prefer the simpler compositional aspects of progressive rock music, as it should be stressed that Dreadnaught’s deliverance of weird rock is by no means an understatement." 
(Lady Obscure)

"A very good mess."

"The sound of terror."
(John Updike)

"This is Art. This is the realization of a dream. This is intention and ambition married to execution and creativity... This is lights-off, lying on your bed, staring into the blackness stuff. Or something to have weird sex by. Your call."
(Portland Phoenix)

"Talk about nuts - who else would have the stones to kick off their CD with a reference to Isaac Asimov ("R. Daneel Olivaw") by bouncing tinkling ivories over a thudding industrial beat? Or to name a song after a feisty freshwater game fish ("Northern Pike”), haul out that industrial beat and layer it over with whimsical harmonica, twangy blues guitar, and zippy strings? Gots to be Dreadnaught."


Hard Chargin'


Dreadnaught is:
Rick Habib (drums, percussion, vocals)
Bob Lord (bass guitars, keyboards, vocals)
Justin Walton (guitars, piano, organ, keyboards, saxophone, vocals)

With guests:
Chris Dow (flute on track 2, 6)
Andy Happel (violin on track 9)
Jonathan Wyman (“solo” on track 7)

And special appearance by:
A veritable shitload of analog effects pedals (all tracks)

Produced by Dreadnaught

All music and lyrics composed and arranged by Dreadnaught, except track 1 (lyrics composed by Dreadnaught, Jay Taylor, and Geoff Logsdon)

All tracks recorded, mixed, and mastered by Jonathan Wyman at The Halo, except track 4 (recorded and mixed by Chris Chase at 1130ft)

Product design and graphics by Brett Picknell
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Have A Drink With Dreadnaught


5-track EP released in 2013. "Imagine Phish after each member of the band downed seven Red Bulls. Or, King Crimson, but more intense. Or, Dream Theater, though with more fusion and jazz. Then, add them all together, hit turbo, and you might come close to the beauty that is Dreadnaught, but probably not."
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Single, 2019, Red Fez Records

LP, 2017, Red Fez Records

EP, 2015, Red Fez Records

EP, 2013, Red Fez Records

2LP compilation, 2007, Big Balloon Music/Red Fez Records

Digital EP, 2006, Red Fez Records
Only intermittently available


2LP, 2005, Horizons/Comet Records (Italy) 

LP, 2004, Big Balloon Music (USA) and Quixote (Europe) 
Reissued in 2006 by MALS (Russia) 

LP, 2001, Red Fez Records 
Reissued in 2006 by MALS (Russia) 

LP, 2000, self-released 

LP, 1998, self-released  

Cassette, 1996, demo 
Not available


Previous events


Dreadnaught She Wrote

The Press Room, 77 Daniel Street, Portsmouth NH

Join us on Saturday August 17 at The Press Room in Portsmouth NH for DREADNAUGHT SHE WROTE, a 1980s party featuring vintage TV theme songs, canapes, and a couple of drinks on us, why the hell not. With special guest Powermoneycake performing THE NIGHTFLY by Donald Fagen in its entirety and a cameo appearance by our old pal, comedian Juston McKinney.


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