New reviews of HARD CHARGIN' as release day approaches

HARD CHARGIN' puts the pedal to the metal with its official release on June 16 and new reviews are hitting the 'net in advance.  Pick up your physical copy and/or download at the Red Fez estore and major online retailers

New reviews include: 

"Simply astounding." 

Progressive Music Planet 
"Quintessential American prog, like Frank Zappa, Kansas and echolyn all rolled into one very bizarre package." 

The Bollard 
"Time signatures constantly shapeshift. Choruses devolve into babytalk. There are three songs with the title “That’s the Way That You Do It,” and they could not be more disconnected. The first sounds like Marilyn Manson fronting Steely Dan, the second like a drunk Hank Williams impersonator, the third like a sugar-rush TV theme from the 1992 TGIF block."